The Peace Poll is a three-part project:

Phase 1:  Collect Opinions About Peace

We want participation to be as easy as possible, so

  • no registration is required
  • the questions are short, simple and personal
  • the site is multi-lingual

Technological measures are employed to prevent duplicate voting.
Note that the questions are about personal belief and actions,
not about whether the respondent believes that world peace is possible.

If at least 67% of people are in favor of peace, then:

Phase 2:  Make the Results Well-Known

Use social media to make it an accepted fact that peace is the desired state,
and that the proponents of war are an antisocial minority.

Phase 3:  Act for Peace
  • Discourage all support for the military, whether direct enlistment
    or involvement with suppliers and weapons systems.
  • Petition Governments.
  • Vote for Peace candidates.


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